Design Lead

Yarns is an app that allows its members to create, store and share memories from their life.

I was the design lead and worked on this project for 18 months. The team was working across India, the U.K and the U.S.

The project is currently on hold due to a lack of resources.

The Design Challenge

Create an app that lets it’s members create and store the most important memories of their life.
Think about the nature of remembering and re-collecting a memory and how it can translate to a digital process.  
Allow for sharing and exchange while maintaining total user control and privacy.
Potential Users

An older age group that faces digital literacy challenges.

Caregivers or family members of someone with dementia.
New parents who want to save and archive their child’s journey.

18 months
The Team

A small startup in which I was the senior most designer. The team included the founder and owner, three senior level engineers and a marketing lead.
My Role -
Design Lead

UI/UX Design
    • Conceptulizing the product and identifying the core features 
    • Defining the MVP
    • IA + Wireframing
    • Drawing feature schematics
    • Click-through prototypes to define interaction
    • UI design for all screens
    • Research
    • Typography
    • Defining a color pallete
    • Creating graphic elements
    • Creating the website
Communications & Management
    • Leading meetings with engineering to trouble shoot feature limitations and functionality 
    • Managing timelines and product development
App Features UI/UX

Landing Page Design

Email Designs

Feature Schematics